Regina’s Asher Hastings hopes he has a future in the CFL

Asher Hastings estimated he threw at least 150 passes Saturday at the CFL combine….

Saskatchewan players savoured the CFL combine experience

The test is over, gentlemen. Put down your pencils…

Chris Jones saw what he needed to see at the CFL combine

Chris Jones has been at CFL combines and evaluation camps for more than a decade now…

Preparing for the Combine

Analyst Luc Mullinder spoke with former Rider Joel Lipinski about training the athletes for the Combine.

Head Coach Jones on CFL Week 2017

Head Coach Chris Jones discusses CFL Week 2017 with the media earlier today.

Kevin Glenn is Happy to be Back

Kevin Glenn is back in Regina during CFL Week and Rider Media’s Matt Lowry caught with the Rider QB to see how he is enjoying the festivities and his return to Riderville.

CFL Week has exceeded expectations

For the Saskatchewan Roughriders’ recently signed offensive tackle, hanging out with the league’s supporters is all part of the gig…