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Series III

The third edition of the Rider Share campaign commemorates the 1989 Grey Cup championship victory. The Share features the likenesses of Kent Austin, Bobby Jurasin and Don Narcisse with an illustration of the championship winning kick in the background. A limited edition 1,989 of these shares will feature the personal autograph of Austin, Jurasin and Narcisse.

As a Roughrider shareholder, fans will get the opportunity to vote on team leadership, contribute to the team’s long-term viability, and help create a football dynasty owned and operated by its fans. In addition, Rider shareholders receive a number of other benefits including discounts on merchandise, preferred seating upgrades, first rights to priority parking and access to special Shareholder events.

Each shareholder will receive a personalized and numbered share certificate, an owners card, as well as a window decal and bracelet. Rider Shares Series III are available for a cost of $250 per share, with an option to have the certificate fully framed for $499.


Series III


Series 2 Centennial Share


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