The 620 CKRM Rider Cheer Team is made up of experienced athletes from around the province. Throughout the season, the co-ed team performs a unique blend of stunting, tossing and dancing at each Rider home game. When the team is not performing, they are practicing, training and attending province-wide community events.

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If you are unable to attend tryouts in person and need to submit a tryout video instead, please follow the guidelines posted below.

Please start the video with a brief introduction of yourself including your name and position. We would then like all stunts filmed in one continuous shot. The dance and tumbling sections may then be edited in if you wish.

In the stunt section include the following stunts:

  • Double base, double base extension, a liberty with a heel stretch, arabesque and a scorpion.
  • Please include as many inverting and twisting mounts and dismounts as possible. These may include, but are not limited to, full twisting dismount to a cradle, double twisting dismount to a cradle. Front tuck/pike dismount to a cradle. Back tuck dismount to a cradle. Rewind to any stunt. Please also include three basket tosses. Each with a different aerial skill. If you are able to invert in a basket toss please demonstrate at least one inverting aerial skill. Also include any and all tumbling skills that you are comfortable performing on non-sprung ground.

We have included a short video to demonstrate the format of tryout video accepted. Please note that the dance in the video should be learned and performed in your video.

Only videos submitted in this format and applicants that have paid the $20 tryout fee will be considered for the team. The $20 tryout fee can be paid in an e-transfer to
Password is 2018 tryout.

To submit your video please upload the video to YouTube as a private video and email the link to

620 CKRM Ramada