The Emerald League is a special team within the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation that works to accomplish those same things for youth within Rider Nation. Not every child in Saskatchewan has access to programs that can help them find the path, the inspiration and the confidence to succeed. Many feel alone, afraid, and uncertain about the future.

A History of Helping

The Saskatchewan Roughriders and their players have been supporting good causes all around Saskatchewan for 110 years. In 2019, the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation was introduced to create the next chapter in that legacy. The Foundation seeks to elevate the team’s role as a force for positive change for Saskatchewan Youth through health, safety and education.


Come Join Us

The Emerald League is the Foundation’s exclusive opportunity for women leaders within Rider nation to help make that happen… one yard at a time. Emerald League membership is limited to 110 – representing each year of the Riders’ existence – and requires an annual donation of $1,200 (income tax receipt provided).

Participants enjoy exclusive engagement opportunities, the opportunity to network with other female leaders, and the pride in helping Saskatchewan youth lead healthy and active lifestyles. The Foundation operates its own initiatives, such as Rider Reading Month and Grow the Game, and provides support to worthwhile others, such as KidSport and the Northern Saskatchewan Football League.

For More Information

Cindy Fuchs
Cindy Fuchs
Executive Director
Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation
Phone: (306) 569-2323
Email: cindy.fuchs@saskridersfdn.com