Thank you for your interest in the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club.

We are committed to providing you with the best sports entertainment package in the marketplace by offering a fast-paced, exciting and affordable product.
Our team of experienced marketing professionals welcomes innovative partnerships that will bring added excitement and value to our fans in the stands while providing unparalleled value to our esteemed associates.


Partnership Benefits

Enhance Your Brand Loyalty
Create a direct link between your customers and the Saskatchewan Roughriders – a product they really care about. Remember, your loyal customers are your most valuable asset.


Create Product Awareness and Visibility
Benefit from the mass exposure generated by the Saskatchewan Roughriders. We are proud to host over 280,000 passionate fans during our 10 home games.


Ties to a Prestigious Property
Partner with the Saskatchewan Roughriders to gain a unique level of credibility in the business community. A link to the Saskatchewan Roughriders provides a corporation with an authentic connection to a unique, energetic and trusted Canadian institution.


Reinforce Your Image
Leverage your brand in the marketplace by launching a tailored sponsorship plan with the Saskatchewan Roughriders.


Exclusivity Available
Lead the pack with an exclusive sponsorship agreement. The Saskatchewan Roughriders can grant category exclusivity to its sponsors, partners or advertisers.


Motivate Your Target Audience
Partner with the Saskatchewan Roughriders to create and deliver a unique turnkey promotion enabling your company to directly engage its target audience.
We invite you to explore how a partnership with the Saskatchewan Roughriders can help you meet your company’s business objectives.


Please contact:
Anthony Partipilo
Chief Brand Officer
Phone: 306.566.4228