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The SaskTel Plaza of Honour has inducted individuals who have made major contributions to the proud tradition of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club. The club has also inducted the 1966, 1989 and 2007 Grey Cup championship teams.

The SaskTel Plaza of Honour event is known as one of Saskatchewan’s most prestigious sports receptions and has contributed over $6 million to the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club.

The 2019 Plaza of Honour dinner and reception will be held, for the first time, on-field at Mosaic Stadium on Thursday, August 22nd.  Single tickets and tables are on sale now. Sit with a past or present Roughrider when you purchase a table. Limited number of tickets available.


All Time Plaza of Honour Inductees

2019– Neal Hughes and Kerry Joseph

2018– Jim Hopson and John Terry

2017– Wes Cates and Roger Brandvold

2016– Matt Dominguez and Ivan Gutfriend

2015- Scott Schultz and Tim McCray

2014- Reggie Hunt and Chris Szarka

2013- Eddie Davis & Gene Makowsky

2012 – Ed Buchanan, Nate Davis, Andrew Greene, Tom Robinson

2011 – Corey Holmes, Dan Rashovich, Mike Saunders

2010 – Three Grey Cup Championship Teams – 1966, 1989 and 2007

2009 –
 Dan Farthing, Tom Burgess, Norm Fong

2008 –
 Ted Provost, Tom Campana, Lawrie Skolrood

2007 –
 Steve Dennis, Bobby Thompson, Vic Stevenson

2006 –
 Ken Reed, Rhett Dawson, Gary Lewis

2005 –
 Jeff Fairholm, Tim Roth, John Wozniak

2004 –
 Mike Anderson, Henry Dorsch, Steve Mazurak

2003 –
 Larry Dumelie, John Lipp, Donald Narcisse

2002 –
 Gary Brandt, Larry Bird, Bobby Jurasin

2001 –
 Bob Ptacek, John Payne, Bill Manchuk, Doug Killoh

2000 –
 Dave Ridgway, Bruce Cowie, Cleveland Vann

1999 –
 Kent Austin, Ray Elgaard, Larry Isbell

1998 –
 Johnny Bell, Glen Suitor, Roger Goree

1997 –
 Bob Kosid, Dale West, Dick Rendek, Lorne Richardson

1996 –
 Bob Poley, Stan Williams, Ralph Galloway, Jim Worden, John Gregory

1995 –
 Tom Shepherd, Gene Wlasiuk, Wally Dempsey, Eddie Lowe, Clyde Brock

1994 –
 Vince Goldsmith, Wayne Shaw, Gord Barwell, Mike Cassidy, Chris DeFrance

1993 –
 Roger Aldag, Ken McEachern, Ted Dushinski, Gord Staseson, Maurice Williams, Piffles Taylor

1992 –
 Jack Abendschan, Neil Habig, Reg Whitehouse, Alan Ford, Howie Milne

1991 –
 Tare Rennebohm, Johnny Garuik, Sully Glasser, Del Wardien, Al Benecick, Bruce Bennett, W.E. Clarke, Mike Samples

1990 –
 J.D. Rowand, S.D. Stack Tibbits, D.S. McDonald, Toar Springstein, Pete Martin, Garner Ekstran, Joey Walters, Bill Baker

1989 –
 Ken Carpenter, Jack Hill, Bobby Marlow, Ed McQuarters, Frank Tripucka, Al Urness, Ted Urness, Bob Walker, Clair Warner

1988 –
 Sandy Archer, Gordon Barber, Hugh Campbell, Ken Charlton, Bill Clarke, Glenn Dobbs, Greg Grassick, Don McPherson, Martin Ruby

1987 –
 Ron Lancaster, George Reed, Fred Wilson, Ron Atchison, Ken Preston, Dean Griffing, Al Ritchie, Bob Kramer, Eagle Keys