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Along with the latest Rider News and Media, you can easily view, use, and manage your tickets – all on the go. Your phone is your ticket – just download, show, and go!

Digital Ticketing

Your phone is your ticket! Visit our Digital Ticketing page here to learn about the benefits of this policy and to answer any questions you may have.

Check out the help video below for a visual guide to ensure you are ready on game day!

Push Notifications

We’ve revamped our push notification system this year to help you customize your Rider App experience! Below are descriptions of what kinds of alerts you can expect to receive from each category.


Enable Notifications If you decide that you want to opt out of all notifications, switch this category to “Off”.
News When you subscribe to our news notifications, we’ll loop you into our high-priority articles as they get released.
Roster Moves Stay up to date on all of our signings, trades, and other roster changes!
Gameday Information Receive compilations of our pre- and post-game interviews, press conferences, and analysis pieces straight to your phone.
Games & Contests Enjoy the games away from the field by taking part in our contests, giveaways, and other fun engaging games throughout the year!
Community Involvement Want to know how the Riders are giving back to Saskatchewan? We’ll show you the score by sending you recaps of our major community projects!
Rider Media Learn more about the people behind the helmets and clipboards by watching the expertly produced Rider Media videos throughout the year.
Special Promotions We’ll let you know when we launch a major sale at the Rider Store or release new ticket packs at the Rider Ticket Office!

To customize your app notifications, open the “More” menu and tap the “Settings” option. You can then pick and choose which notifications you would like to receive!

A screen-by-screen set of instructions to get to your Rider App notification menu. First, tap the "More" button in the lower right corner. Then, tap on the "Settings" button in the menu". From there, you can toggle the different notification categories depending on what you want to receive.
Have any questions or concerns? Email: RiderApp@saskriders.com