April 15, 2011

Profile – Coach Doug Berry Staff


Berry returns for his second season with the Green and White as assistant head coach and offensive coordinator for the team.

Berry brings a wealth of coaching experience to the Riders staff. He has coached in the CFL for almost a decade after spending seven seasons with Montreal and most recently three seasons as the Winnipeg Blue Bombers head coach.

He entered the CFL back in 1999 when he assumed the role as the offensive line coach with the Alouettes – a position he held for four seasons before being promoted to co-offensive coordinator. During his time in Montreal, the Alouettes appeared in four Grey Cups and captured the championship in 2002. caught up with Coach Berry prior to kicking off the 2011 season.


Where did you grow up? And where is home for you now?
“I grew up in New Hampshire and currently live in Florida.”

When did you make the realization that coaching was what you wanted to do for a living?

“After two years of working in sales upon graduation from college.  I realized that football had to become a bigger part of my life.”

Who would you say has had the biggest influence on your career in coaching thus far?

“I would say that every coach I have worked for.  Maybe some more than others – especially early in my career, like Bill Bowes (New Hampshire) and Joe Paterno (Penn State).”

What has been the highlight of your coaching career to this point?

“Winning the 2002 Grey Cup (Montreal Alouettes).”

What is it about coaching football that you love?

“The emotional highs – especially after big wins.”

Heading into your second season as the Offensive Coordinator with the Riders, how do you build on the success that the Offence has last season?

“Try to be more consistent in the things that we do well, as well as continuing to modify our attack by emphasizing the specific skills and strengths of our players.”

What is one hobby/interest you have that may surprise us?

“I have many interests and hobbies, but I’m not sure any of them would surprise anyone with a “wow” factor.  I do enjoy being a homeowner and the challenges associated with it – whether it’s plumbing, electricity, or carpentry.  I also enjoy owning and maintaining classic sports cars.”

Prior to making the switch to the CFL, Berry spent over 20 years coaching at the U.S. College level where he served as a positional coach and coordinator. During that time he coached at some elite colleges including Penn State, the University of Massachusetts, Boston College and Richmond University.

The New Hampshire native did two years of active duty with the United States Army prior to graduating from the University of New Hampshire in 1973.

Doug and his wife have two daughters – Jessica and Kasey.