The Saskatchewan Roughriders have taken their commitment to the community to a new level with the creation of the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation, designed to enhance and further our community efforts across the province. The Foundation’s mission is to empower youth and communities through the passion of Rider Nation, teaching them skills like leadership, resilience and responsibility.  We help to build on the strengths of our youth ensuring they have an opportunity to reach their full potential, as well as empower them to achieve their goals.

We focus our efforts on our three main community pillars centred around youth and children through: Education, Health and Amateur Football.

Vision Statement
We are champions and leaders of positive change in our communities.

Mission Statement
The Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation empowers youth and communities through the passion of Rider Nation.

As a successful foundation, we value the relationship and collaboration we have with the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club and the following values:

  • Integrity – Maintaining truthfulness and morality
  • Collaboration – Listen to, learn from and partner with donors and beneficiaries to address their needs
  • Accountability – Provide stewardship for funds entrusted to us, while taking ownership of our decisions and being responsible for our actions
  • Respect – Showing consideration and honour in all interactions
  • Excellence – Generate and allocate funds effectively and efficiently in service to our community