By using any ticket, the holder agrees to the following terms and conditions.

Within this document, “Club” will mean the Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club Inc.  The use of “League” will mean the Canadian Football League. The use of “Games” will mean any Canadian Football League Game taking place Mosaic Stadium. The use of “Venue” means any Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club or Canadian Football League event taking place at Mosaic Stadium or any other location occupied or utilized by the Club.

Failure to comply with all terms and conditions within this document will result in refusal of entry or eviction from the Venue.

The ticket is a personal, revocable license and holder agrees that management may refuse admission or remove from the premises any person who has obtained admission by this ticket for any reason at any time.  Ticket price does not include Service Charges.

A valid ticket must be produced upon entry and upon request any time thereafter. Holder may be refused admission or removed from premises without compensation if possessing alcohol not purchased from stadium vendors, being intoxicated, using objectionable language or conduct deemed objectionable by the management, failing to observe all stadium, municipal and federal regulations and by-laws, or other situations outlined in this document.

Ticket holders must abide by any conditions or terms of entry posted at the stadium, and any terms posted on www.riderville.com, as amended from time to time.

While in the venue, you shall not use any electronic device to record or transmit any radio, visual or audio-visual material or any information or data concerning progress, conduct or any other aspect of any League Game for betting activities, unlicensed commercial activities, or any other purpose in connection with these terms and conditions, unless authorized or permitted to do so by the League. Mobile phones used strictly for personal and private use are permitted.

All intellectual property rights in any unauthorized recording or transmission becomes the sole property and all rights belong to the League. As a ticket holder, you agree when requested by the League to promptly turnover all rights, property, and interests to the League with full understanding that all becomes the property of the League.

Tickets may not be sold or offered for sale by anyone without the prior written consent of the Club except through the Club’s official resale site.

Tickets and barcodes may not be valid if shared through social media, on-line, or in pictures. Dates and times of events are subject to change. No refunds or exchanges provided for tickets. If an event is postponed, the ticket holder’s ticket will be valid for the new date and time, no refunds will be provided.  If an event is cancelled, a refund to the Club’s account holder, at purchase price (season, group, or single primary game) from the Club will be provided.  A refund shall not be given for any ticket that has been re-sold.

The Club reserves the right to set a minimum & maximum number of tickets for resale by any person (which shall include an individual, corporation, partnership or other legal entity) and to set resale prices for any ticket resale, to ensure fair pricing.  Only Adult tickets can be posted for resale.

Tickets cannot be posted for resale or sold until at least 24 hours after single game day tickets have been on sale by the Club to the public. Violation of this policy may result in the loss or forfeiture of all tickets purchased for Club football games or events.

Adult ticket purchasers will be able to post only those Adult tickets for resale and only through Ticketmaster on Riderville.com, and the price shall not be less than the price then charged by the Club for a single game day ticket for the applicable section in the Venue (the “face value”, and the price shall not be more than double that face value plus fees, and all other rules must be complied with).


A person that has 10 or more season tickets and that regularly posts and/or sells more than 50% of their tickets (whether season tickets or not) for resale may be considered by the Club to be a broker.  The Club does not support or accept the resale of tickets by brokers, except as the Club may otherwise permit.  The Club may also consider a person to be a broker if the Club concludes that the person engages regularly in the sale or disposition of tickets for the purpose of generating profits on the resale of such tickets.  The Club will notify any person considered by the Club to be a broker of the conclusion by the Club that the person is a broker.

If the Club determine, in its sole discretion, that a person is a broker, that person: (i) will be excluded from Rider Rewards and will forfeit all accumulated points; (ii)  will  not receive any pricing discounts on ticket prices and they must pay the face value of all tickets, including season tickets, game day tickets or group tickets; (iii) must purchase all tickets at face value; and (iv) shall not be allowed to sell more than 50% of any tickets held by that person for any game.  In addition: (i) the broker may not be allowed to participate in resale on the Riderville.com website where ticket resales must be posted; (ii) all privileges available to the broker on My Rider Account may be revoked including forwarding and/or resale privileges, (iii) the Club may require the broker to repay the amount of any ticket price discount received by the broker for each ticket in that football season; (iv) the Club may refuse to allow the broker to purchase any tickets for the remainder of the football season or any future football season; and (v) the Club may require that all issued tickets are surrendered to the Club.  In the event of such surrender, the Club will repay the broker the amount originally paid for the surrendered tickets less a restocking fee equal to 25% of the amount originally paid. The Club may resell those tickets and the broker shall have no right to any portion of the resale proceeds.

General Provisions:

Neither the Club nor the Venue, nor the League will be responsible for any costs or damages (including lost wages, transportation, accommodation, and other costs) relating to delayed, postponed, or cancelled events or games. Lost tickets cannot be replaced. Tickets deemed lost or stolen will not be honoured. Ticket holder assumes all risks and dangers involved in or incidental to attending the game or related events, including the risk of lost, stolen or damaged property or personal injury, and releases the League and its Member Clubs, the Club and its players, agents, management and employees and the Venue from any liability for any and all personal injury or loss whether occurring prior to, during, or subsequent to a game or event, and whether caused by any person’s negligence or otherwise, including without limitation, injury, loss or damage caused by other spectators, individuals, objects, footballs or players entering the seating area.

Certain items shall be prohibited from being brought into the Venue.  The list of prohibited items is set out on the Club’s website www.riderville.com, and the list of prohibited items is subject to change from time to time.  Ticket holders should review the list of prohibited items to be familiar with any changes.   In accordance with League guidelines, large bags, knapsacks and/or coolers will not be permitted in the Venue. Ticket holder grants to the Club, the League and its assigns, all common law and statutory rights (and waives all moral rights) to all photographs or video footage of ticket holder taken at the game or event and the irrevocable permission to use his or her voice or likeness in any media now or hereafter existing in connection with all or part of the football game or events, for any purpose whatsoever, including the commercial purposes of the Club, the League, its Member Clubs, and their sponsors, licensees, advertisers and broadcasters.

Ticket holder may not enter the football game or otherwise use this ticket for advertising, promotion, or other commercial purposes (including contests, sweepstakes and giveaways) without the Club’s prior written consent. The ticket holder will not promote products or services that are prohibited in the stadium without the prior written consent of the Club. The terms of this ticket will continue to apply to the ticket holder even if the ticket holder is removed from the premises, with or without compensation. Breach of any of the above may result in legal action against ticket holder.

Ticket holder acknowledges that damages may not be an adequate remedy for breach of the above terms and consents to injunctive or other relief which may be sought to enforce such terms.

* Please note:  Youth & Senior tickets must be upgraded to adult before they can be posted for resale.  Discounted tickets including obstructed sightline seats cannot be posted for resale.