Rider Reading Month

The most recent revamped edition of the Rider Reading Month program encouraged teachers to show us how they were getting their students involved in “Riderizing” their reading via their social media accounts during the month of March. From their creative posts, we selected classrooms to be visited by a player. We brought aboard players  Jorgen Hus, Dan Clark, Spencer Moore, Makana Henry and Zach Evans to visit the various classrooms selected and received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback and coverage on media platforms including CTV. In addition, each classroom that signed up was given access to exclusive Rider Reading Month themed-activities including a word search, Mad Lib, reading log, and colouring page that they could distribute to their students.

Since changing the format of the program this year, Rider Reading Month has connected with over 3754 new students in 168 classrooms across Saskatchewan. Proudly, we had the opportunity to gift a player appearance to each classroom that actively engaged in the program via their social media account(s), which had our players visit 20 different schools within Saskatchewan ranging from Viscount to Nokomis.