Board Member

Kimberly is a member of the Muscowpetung First Nation and has been a resident of Prince Albert since birth, interrupted briefly by residence in Saskatoon for the purposes of education and further Ottawa, to study Aboriginal Justice and Criminology on a Federal Level.

Kimberly is married to a very patient woodsman from Outlook, SK, and has two lovely daughters: her 10-year-old-old soul, Gwen, and her 7-year old professional troll, Evelyn. Kimberly has been at the Saskatchewan Bar 14 years and adds gardening, camping, hunting and as much time outdoors as she can to her lifestyle.

Kimberly’s passion has always drawn her to return home to Prince Albert to work at a grass roots level for the advancement, economic growth and strengthening of First Nation communities.  Kimberly holds a firm belief that satisfaction with services is achieved when services are provided by a relatable representative, who is empathetic and invested in the best interest of their community.  As a Prince Albert Resident and Status Indian with extensive experience in the unique culture of Prince Albert, she is not only committed to the success of Indigenous communities, but also to equip Indigenous community members, children and families with the resources to encourage the unique spiritual, cultural and social identities to drive the success of Indigenous people.

Kimberly is a partner and owner of Lavoie Stonechild Law Office, with a focus on Indigenous sovereignty over child and family law.  She has spent 15 years of her career as a lawyer specializing in Indigenous law and economic development as well as child advocacy and children’s law. She represents First Nation Child Protection Agencies, Indigenous communities, and previously Saskatchewan government with respect to family and preventative services, including economic development at provincial and federal levels, tying the capacity building to sustainability, education, health and lands and resources with said levels of government with a focus on urban and reserve development.