Saskatchewan Roughriders Internship Program

Introducing the brand new Saskatchewan Roughrider Internship Program. With this extensive and selective program, our goal is to provide meaningful entry level experience to current Saskatchewan students and new post-secondary grads. This program provides an environment for young professionals to share their fresh perspective with a team that will help support, grow and foster that knowledge and passion.

Many grow up imagining what it would be like working in professional sports, but what does that career path really look like? Successful applicants will have the opportunity to get a personal, behind the scenes look into one of the top sports brands in Canada. Through our offerings, interns will gain exposure across many areas of business while creating meaningful and lasting connections. This exciting challenge will allow students to build a foundation for promising career opportunities in the future.

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Football Club is built on a community of passionate individuals who share the same values and goals, both on and off the field. We are looking for top local talent to share, inspire and grow the passion that fuels Rider Nation! It can be very challenging to get your foot in the door in professional sports, so our goal is to help students and new grads build that foundation for their future, all while having a little fun along the way.

What Opportunity is YOUR #1 Draft Pick?

Please view each job description for further details and information to apply.

Why Join Our Roster?

  • Ongoing hands-on training and development opportunities
  • Behind the scenes look into the inner workings of a professional sports team
  • Learn the business straight from the executive and senior leadership team
  • Opportunity for your portfolio to be shared with prestigious Club members
  • Gain of demonstrated, immersive experience in a fast-paced organization and team
  • Chance to contribute to the success of one of the top sports brands in Canada
  • Be part of the passion of something much bigger than all of us
  • Unbeatable work location at Mosaic Stadium
  • Simply put, a once in a lifetime opportunity!


Internship Details

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Internship will be completed over an eight-month term. The program will run from May (prior to Training Camp) to the end of December (post hosting Grey Cup 2022).

Yes! This is a full-time, salaried role for the term.

Candidates are expected to be available for the dates listed on the posting. Due to our season schedule and the demand of hosting the 2022 Grey Cup, there will not be flexibility when it comes to the length of the term.

Your position will be specific to one department; however, we have extensive learning and growth opportunities that will be offered to expand your knowledge and learn about all areas of the Club.

Both! If you are currently a student and are looking for a work placement/coop opportunity, or if you are a new grad looking to kick off your professional career – this could be the program for you.

Yes! As long as your program aligns with our timeframe for the program we can ensure to work with you to align your program requirements.


We are committed to giving back to Saskatchewan residents, so we ask that you reside permanently in Saskatchewan. That can mean currently living here in our great province or being temporarily attending post secondary out of the province with intent to move back ‘home’ after completion of your program.

Please refrain from sending any email to the contact listed on the posting. To assess all candidates fairly, we need all applications to be submitted through Teamwork. Otherwise, your application may be lost or deleted.

Recruitment Process

We will contact all applicants by March 11th to schedule an initial ‘meet & greet’ virtual call. We realize only so much can be provided in a resume so we look forward to getting to know each of you via a video call.

After each stage, we will ensure candidates are updated via email as to their application status.

Depending on how many applications we receive, we expect the recruitment process to take between 2-3 weeks after the postings close. Clear communication will be sent out to successful candidates during each step of the process.

There will be an initial virtual screening with the Talent Management team, and a follow up interview with the positions hiring manager. If you are the chosen candidate, you will then receive a phone call and a letter of offer emailed to you.

The first round of interviews will be held virtually over a Microsoft Teams video chat. Depending on provincial health guidelines, the second round of interviews will be held virtually, or in person depending on the hiring managers needs. This will be clearly communicated throughout the process on which option will be chosen.

General Questions

Our core business hours are 8:30 am-5:00 pm. However, the world of sports never sleeps! There will be some irregular hours as needed, such as all season home games and departmental obligations, depending on the role.

Our dress code is business casual. Rider workwear (polos, collared shirts, t-shirts, sweaters) are always welcome.

You may contact us by email: human.resources@saskriders.com. Please ensure your email subject line references “Saskatchewan Roughriders Internship Question.” Please note, we do not accept applications via email, please visit our Teamwork page to apply.