Yorkton, SK

How long have you been dancing/cheering?
I started dancing when I was 4, and trained at Dance Innovations Yorkton.

What are your career aspirations outside of being on the Cheer Team?
I am going into my third year of Cellular, Physiological and Pharmacological Studies at the University of Saskatchewan, with a hope to pursue Forensic Chemistry.

What are your favourite performance styles?
Hip Hop Dance! Although Musical Theatre, Jazz and Contemporary are all a close tie for 2nd.

What football position would you play?
Linebacker! Whenever I played team sports in high school, I always preferred the defensive side of the game.

What is a cause you are passionate about?
I am passionate about changing the way people think about living healthy lives. Yes, eat your fruits and vegetables, yes, exercise for at least 30 minutes every day, and yes, sleep for 8 hours every night. But the truth is a healthy lifestyle is a balanced lifestyle. If you have a salad for supper, it is okay to go out for ice cream for dessert. If you’re working on your endurance by running 5k every day, it is okay to take a day off. If your social battery needs charging because you have been around more family and friends lately, it is okay to spend some time alone doing something for yourself. Small changes to everyday lives can make a bigger difference than people think, however, there is no awareness of it. It is okay to be a little bit selfish when it comes to your own health and doing what your body and mind need. How to “be healthy” needs to be taught differently from the beginning. In today’s world where there is so much awareness about mental health, your “health” is much more than just what you eat and how much you exercise.

What does the Cheer Team add to Rider Game Days?
The cheer team contributes to game day by keeping the positive atmosphere alive here in Mosaic Stadium. We keep the energy levels up and the worries low. We are here to make sure everyone has fun!

What advice would you give to an aspiring Cheer Team Member?
Be happy and genuinely enjoy everything you do. Life is too short not to have fun! So, take risks and work hard to achieve your dreams.

What is your favourite thing about Saskatchewan?
My favourite part about Saskatchewan would have to be the life you can live out at the lake, especially Good Spirit Provincial Park where the Roho Family Cabin stands!