Monmartre, SK

How long have you been dancing/cheering?
I started dancing and performing with my hometown dance studio when I was three.

What are your career aspirations outside of being on the Cheer Team?
Outside of Cheer, I work on my family’s farm!

What are your favourite performance styles?
Jazz and Tap Dance.

What football position would you play?
I would like to be a quarterback!

What is a cause you are passionate about?
A cause that is important to me is dementia research. Dementia affects so many people and their families, and the more research that is done, the more we can help those affected.

What does the Cheer Team add to Rider Game Days?
On game days the cheer team hypes up, entertains, and interacts with the fans, as well as cheers on the players. The cheer team adds to the overall game-day experience.

What advice would you give to an aspiring Cheer Team Member?
Don’t underestimate yourself and what you are able to do.

What is your favourite thing about Saskatchewan?
My favourite part about Saskatchewan is that it just feels like home. I love other parts of the world, places with the ocean, mountains, and big cities, but nothing else is home quite like fields and a prairie sunset.