Regina, Sk

How long have you been dancing/cheering?
I have been studying dance and baton twirling since I was 3 years old.

What are your career aspirations outside of being on the Cheer Team?
I am a special education teacher, a master’s student, and I coach baton all over North America.

What are your favourite performance styles?
Jazz and Baton!

What football position would you play?
I think maybe I would be a good quarterback simply because I do throw the baton and have some accuracy there! Maybe I could get the hang of throwing a football instead…?

What is a cause you are passionate about?
Any cause that benefits children, specifically their wellbeing and their education. This is something I would like to work more towards as I find careers in my life and continue to focus on the goal of benefiting and bettering as many children as possible throughout their lives.

What does the Cheer Team add to Rider Game Days?
We are a part of the 13th man! We help get the crowd excited and bring entertainment to people of all ages. We are a face for the Riders and a way to get more people involved and excited for the team and for the Game Days.

What advice would you give to an aspiring Cheer Team Member?
Never be afraid to take the risk or a chance to try something. Cheesy, but you miss 100% of the shots you don’t’ take. Be yourself and go for it!

What is your favourite thing about Saskatchewan?
I think that a lot of people underestimate Saskatchewan and how much it really has to offer. I love how diverse our province is and how truly original it is. Why wouldn’t you love it!