Regina, Sk

How long have you been dancing/cheering?

I have been dancing for 20 years.

What are your career aspirations outside of being on the cheer team?

I graduated from the University of Regina in 2020 with a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Psychology. I am now continuing within the realm of research and am working at the Pasqua Hospital on a quality improvement project for transfusions using audit and feedback—and I am loving it! I also teach dance at Martin School of Dance, and I coach the University of Regina Dance Team! I love getting to watch my students grow and develop a love for dance that I have always had! It has always been important to me to be involved in a mix of both academic and creative activities, so I feel very fortunate to be able to work at the hospital while still getting to share my passion for dance!

What is your favorite thing to do on a day off?

On a day off I like to catch up with friends and family, and go on any kind of adventure!

What are you most excited for this season?

I am most excited to be back dancing with my girls and to see Rider Nation back in the stands! Rider fans are such a strong community that I am so happy to be a part of and to be able to dance/cheer for! Go Riders!

What is your favorite part of Game Day?

My favorite part of Game Day is being surrounded by the contagious energy of Rider fans! Having 33,000 people all singing O Canada at the beginning of every game always fills me with so much love and pride! Also getting to dance and do what I love with my best friends is such a blessing that I am very grateful for!