January 24, 2023

New Winter Must-Haves From The Rider Store


When the holidays have come and gone, and the dead of winter really starts to sink in, few things can give you the warm-fuzzies better than, well, something warm and fuzzy. At the Rider Store, they know a thing or two about dealing with a harsh (and long) prairie winter, and they’ve come up with a new collection of items that are perfect for playing solid defence against the cold, dark season. From toasty wraps to comfy coordinates, the latest offerings available in-store and online are sure to brighten your spirits and make the wait for spring (and training camp) just a bit more bearable. 


New Hoodies + Fleece
When you’re stuck at home – be it for work, or weather – and looking to fight the February blues, the highlight reel move will always be to reach for those classic pieces that feel like old favourites right from day one! The latest and greatest in a long line of Rider-ized hoodies and fleece are ready and waiting to help forget the frost and enjoy a little midday Netflix break, or that warm delivery you got— because no one likes cooking this time of year!


Coordinated Camo
Sweatpants and sweaters have been teaming up for as long as anyone can remember, and they may be the most dynamic duo since Pilsner and watermelon. They are an unbeatable combination for when you’re looking to lounge, relax, take it easy or tone it down. The newest matching set on offer at the Rider Store takes the teamwork one step further with a matching camouflage print that’ll have you looking put together when you’re on your way to grab that morning double-double you can’t go without.



That’s Unusual
Things in the 306 may have felt a little off last season— but, then again, we’ve seen stranger things. See what we did there? Anyway, no one does cool crossovers better than the Green & White and this welcome addition to your wardrobe even looks good… upside down.


Wrap It Up
It’s winter in Saskatchewan— heck, it’s winter (almost) everywhere our great game is enjoyed! And that means an extra layer (or three) are often called for when keeping cozy. The Rider Store once again has you covered with a new selection of scarves and wraps that are as functional as they are good looking! Grab one, or all these new must-haves and embrace the chill of the season! 


With the Holiday season “wrapped up” and spring still weeks from arriving, you can rely on this list and its selection of new favourites to brighten your mood and keep you smiling no matter what the rest of winter throws our way. So make your way down to the Rider Store at Mosaic Stadium or Midtown Plaza, or visit theriderstore.com and get stocked up on all the latest essentials!