December 6, 2022

Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation Launches of Registration for Youth-Focused Programs For 2023

Registration for the SRF Win With Wellness Player Presentations is now Open To The Public

REGINA (December 5, 2022) – The Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation, in cooperation with the Saskatchewan Roughriders Football Club has opened registration for the Win With Wellness Player presentation program that uses evidence-based and curriculum linked resources to promote and discuss mental wellness with youth in schools across the province.

As of October 2022, The Game Changers Playbook has officially launched for use for school-aged programming across Saskatchewan. Materials in the playbook include Strong Minds Strong Kids – Kids Have Stress Too and Stress Lessons program, Kids Help Phone – Counsellor in the Classroom program and access to the SaskTel Be Kind Online resources.

The Game Changers Playbook supports division priorities with the goal of empowering and equipping youth to look after their mental wellness.

Accessing The Gamechangers Playbook will connect users directly to the program providers who will be able to assist them directly and can be done using the Game Changers Page on the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation webpage.

Resources will be made available immediately and are provided free of charge.

Accompanying the Playbook is a new initiative, in the Win With Wellness Player Presentation campaign. Designed collaboratively with the Playbook, these presentations, done by Roughrider players see trained ambassadors visit Saskatchewan schools and classrooms to present on and promote the discussion of mental wellness for youth.

The interactive presentations are designed for Grades 5-9 and provide the opportunity to hear from players about topics like mental wellness, stress and anxiety, and share techniques they personally use to manage these pillars of wellbeing.

The Foundation is committed to supporting this collaborative approach to ensure students in Saskatchewan have access to what they need to properly address and manage their own mental wellness.

“The release of the Game Changers Playbook and Win With Wellness presentation series are part of our commitment to better youth mental wellness in the province” says Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation Executive Director, Cindy Fuchs. “The more we talk about mental wellness, the less stigma there is surrounding it— and the more children it will help. We want to continue to be leaders in that change.”

More information can be found on the Game Changers Playbook, and Win With Wellness presentation series by contacting the Saskatchewan Roughrider Foundation.