May 17, 2018

Saskatchewan Roughriders to hold practice in Humboldt, SK

in Saskatoon, SK, June 11, 2017 Photo Electric Umbrella/Liam Richards

Riders will host bbq lunch, sign autographs and take pictures with fans


On June 3rd, the Saskatchewan Roughriders will hold a walk-through practice at Glenn Hall Park football field in Humboldt, Saskatchewan, from noon until 1PM. The Rider organization will also host a barbecue lunch adjacent to the field at Glenn Hall Park, for the community of Humboldt to enjoy over the course of the lunch hour event.

“While we continue to mourn for all those effected by the devastating event of April 6th, we want to demonstrate our ongoing support for the Broncos organization and the community of Humboldt,” stated Craig Reynolds, Saskatchewan Roughriders President & CEO. “We have been working in partnership with the Broncos’ organization since the tragedy, hoping to play a small role in assisting the team, victims, the community and entire province through this painful time by channeling the healing power of sport, and by lending the strength of Rider Nation.”

“The Broncos are so grateful for the Saskatchewan Roughriders, who have proven to be an invaluable support and resource in recent weeks,” said Kevin Garinger, President of the Humboldt Broncos. “We look forward to June 3rd, where we aim to bring the spirit of Rider Nation as well as an opportunity to enjoy the optimism for the exciting CFL season ahead, to all those in the community of Humboldt.”

Following walk-through players and coaches will make themselves available to spend time with fans for pictures and autographs.

On the day of the walk-through in Humboldt, the Saskatchewan Roughriders and Humboldt Broncos will also be releasing details regarding the Riders’ ‘Humboldt Strong’ home game on June 30, 2018, which has been dedicated to the families and victims of the April 6th tragedy.