May 7, 2012

Rider Statement Regarding New Stadium Staff


Saskatchewan Roughrider Board of Director Chairman Roger Brandvold issued the following statement regarding the recently proposed stadium project:

We look forward to working diligently with all levels of government, and our partners with the objective of creating a new home for the football club. Almost all other clubs in the league are engaged in planning or have already implemented significant projects or major renovations to their facilities.

We are very supportive and encouraged with the work and planning the City of Regina has put into this project. We also have confidence the provincial government shares this vision of a world class stadium in the province.

The Saskatchewan Roughriders and the entire CFL is a growing entity and this stadium is essential to providing the world-class amenities our fans deserve.

As a tenant of this proposed project, we understand and embrace the various other sporting groups and concerts that will benefit from a new stadium.

With over 120 full-time and 40 part-time staff currently working in the Rider organization, it has become increasingly difficult to continue to grow as a club with our facilities. A recent economic impact study showed an estimated $73 million dollars is generated in the province throughout the Roughriders home games. Another $55-60 million will be generated as the province gets ready to host the 101st Grey Cup in 2013.

We are excited to see this dream become a reality for all of our stakeholders, none more important than our amazing fans who continue to support this club.