2013 Free Agent Tracker | Saskatchewan Roughriders
2013 Free Agent Tracker

The 2013 Canadian Football League free agency period officially opens at Noon ET on Friday, February 15.  Below is a list of players who will become CFL Free Agents should they not re-sign with their current respective teams:


Montreal Alouettes
Anderson, Dwight DB South Dakota  Signed with SSK (02/15/13)
Bratton, Brian WR Furman Released (02/01/13)
Calvillo, Anthony  QB Utah State Extended (13/12/12)
 Crawford, Tad  DB  Columbia Retired (01/27/12)
 Diedrick, Dahrran  RB  Nebraska  Extended (02/15/13)
 Hopkins, Moton  DL  Tulsa  Extended (02/15/13)
 Ihekoaba, Chima  DE  Wilfrid Laurier  Extended (01/24/13)
 Matte, Kristian  OL  Concordia Extended (12/20/12) 
 McPherson, Adrian

 Florida State

Released (02/01/13)
Signed with TB (AFL) (02/19/13)

 Perrett, Jeff  OT  Tulsa Extended (02/12/13)
 Whitaker, Brandon  RB  Baylor  
 Williams, Seth  DB  Richmond  Extended (02/15/13) 
 Woodruff, Andrew  OL  Boise State Extended (12/21/12)


Toronto Argonauts
Black, Tristan LB Wayne State  Signed with SSK (02/16/13)
Christian, Ryan WR Texas Christian Retired (05/21/11)
Eppele, Joe OL Washington State  Extended (12/31/12)
Foley, Ricky DL York Signed with SSK (02/26/13)
Gagne-Marcoux, Cedric OL Central Florida  
Kackert, Chad RB New Hampshire  Re-Signed (02/15/13)
Mann, Maurice WR Nevada  
McCollough, Evan DB James Madison Signed with HAM (02/15/13)
Rambo, Ken-Yon WR Ohio State Released (02/05/13)
Watt, Spencer WR Simon Fraser Extended (01/17/13)


Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Barker, Dylan DB Saskatchewan Retired (01/18/12)
Carter, Yannick LB Wilfrid Laurier Signed with CGY (02/26/13)
Dyakowski, Peter OL Louisiana State Extended (01/16/13)
Grant, Terry RB Alabama Released (01/11/13) 
Hage, Marwan OL Colorado Extended (01/15/13)
Hood, Jonathan DB St. Francis Xavier Signed with TOR (03/20/13)
Mariuz, Ray LB McMaster Retired (03/21/12)
Porter, Quinton

Boston College

Released (01/15/13)
Signed with MTL (01/21/13)
Rwabukamba, Chris DB Duke Signed with EDM (02/17/14)
Simmons, Brian OL Oklahoma  Extended (02/14/13)
Smith, Bo DB Weber State Extended (02/14/13) 
Steele, Eddie


Released (01/11/13)
Signed with EDM (01/24/13)
Stephenson, Daryl RB Windsor Extended (02/07/13)
Thigpen, Marcus RB Indiana Deferred (Miami - NFL)
Thomas, Carlos DB South Carolina

 Released (01/11/13)
Signed with SSK (02/21/13)

Tisdale, Geoff DB Pittsburgh State Released (01/11/13) 
Signed with MTL (02/15/13)
Young, Marcell DB Jackson State  Signed with EDM (02/15/13)


Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Beasley, Deon DB Texas  Signed with HAM (02/16/13)
Bowman, Marcellus LB Boston College  Signed with HAM (02/17/13)
Butler, Kelly OL Purdue Retired (03/12/12)
Denmark, Clarence WR Arkansas Monticello Re-Signed (02/15/13)
Garrett, Chris RB Ohio Extended (12/21/12)
Goltz, Justin QB Occidental College Extended (12/21/12)
Hefney, Jonathan DB Tennessee Extended (13/01/11) 
Kashama, Fernand DL Western Michigan  
Sears, Johnny DB Eastern Michigan Extended (01/03/13)
Turner, Bryant DE Alabama Birmingham Extended (02/14/13)
Vega, Jason DL Northeastern Signed with NE (NFL) (02/19/13)
Volny, Carl RB Central Michigan Extended (12/21/12)


Saskatchewan Roughriders
Bagg, Rob WR Queen's Extended (01/10/13)
Brackenridge, Tyron DB Washington State Re-Signed (02/15/13)
George, Tearrius DE Kansas State Extended (01/22/13)
Goodspeed, Dan OT Kent State  
Huclack, Cory LB Manitoba Extended (02/12/13)
Hughes, Neal RB Regina Extended (01/15/13)
Krausnick, Alexander OL Calgary Signed with EDM (02/15/13)
Makowsky, Gene OL Saskatchewan  Retired (02/17/12)
McCullough, Mike LB St. Francis Xavier Extended (01/15/13)
McHenry, Scott SB Saskatchewan Extended (01/08/13) 
McKenzie, Chris CB Arizona State  
Neufeld, Patrick OL Saskatchewan Extended (01/08/13) 
Russ, Eddie DB Harding Extended (02/08/13)
Sisco, Jordan WR Regina Re-Signed (02/16/13)
Williams, Shomari LB Queen's Signed with HAM (02/15/13)
Willis, Odell DL West Georgia Signed with EDM (02/15/13)


Calgary Stampeders
Bryant, Romby WR Tulsa Released (01/30/13)
Signed with TOR (02/12/13)
Bryant, Stanley OT East Carolina  Extended (02/15/13)
Bulcke, Brian DE Stanford Signed with HAM (02/15/13)
Claybrooks, Devone DT East Carolina  Retired (01/18/12)
Dewit, Mark OL Calgary Signed with WPG (02/15/13
Fraser, Eric DB Central Michigan Extended (02/07/13)
Mace, Corey DT Wyoming Extended (12/11/12)
Maver, Rob P Guelph Extended (12/10/12)
McCoy, Chris DE Middle Tennessee State Released (02/05/13)
Phillips, Justin DL Wilfrid Laurier Extended (01/17/13)
Taylor, Larry WR Conncecticut Extended (01/29/13) 


Edmonton Eskimos
Alexander, Donovan DB North Dakota Extended (12/20/12)
Brown, Weldon DB Louisiana Tech Signed with SSK (02/16/13) 
Cornell, Mike LB Ottawa Extended (01/18/13)
Fils, Pascal RB Sherbrooke  
Henry, Marcus WR Kansas Re-Signed (05/01/13)
Hill, TJ DB Northeastern  Extended (12/07/12)
Howard, Marcus DL Georgia  Extended (01/15/13)
Inglis, Taylor OT Alberta Retired (05/10/12)
Ramsay, Brian OT New Mexico  Extended (12/07/12)
Robinson, Lee DE Alcorn State Released (31/01/13)
Scott, Tyler WR Western  
Shaw, Grant K Saskatchewan Extended (12/13/12)
Sherritt, JC LB Eastern Wahington Extended (12/19/12)
Steenbergen, Dylan OL Calgary  
Thompson, Chris DB Nicholls State Extended (02/08/13)
Williams, Julius DL Connecticut Signed (02/15/13) 
Williams, Roderick DB Alcorn State Released (31/01/13)


BC Lions
Elimimian, Solomon LB Hawaii  Re-Signed (02/15/13) 
Franks, Stanley DB Idaho Retired (05/29/12)
Gore, Shawn WR Bishop's Extended (31/01/13)
Hameister-Ries, John OL Tulsa  
Johnson, Brent DL Ohio State  Retired (03/05/12)
Muamba, Cauchy DB St. Francis Xavier Signed with WPG (02/19/13)
Newman, Jesse OL Louisiana Lafayette  
Olafioye, Jovan OT North Carolina Central  Re-Signed (02/15/13)
Reilly, Mike QB Central Washington Traded to EDM/Extended (31/01/13)
Robertson, Jamal RB Ohio Northern  Retired (12/01/11)
Sanchez, Davis DB Oregon Retired (05/14/12) 
Thelwell, Ryan WR Minnesota  Retired (12/01/11)
Yurichuk, James LB Bishop's  Signed with TOR (02/15/13)
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