Grey Cup Legacy Project re-shaping Mosaic Stadium | Saskatchewan Roughriders
Grey Cup Legacy Project re-shaping Mosaic Stadium

The Saskatchewan Roughrider Grey Cup Legacy Project is nearing completion

The construction crews have been hard at work and the changes to Mosaic are noticeable.

The two new Maxtron screens, LED ribbonboards and South endzone seating are nearly finished, while the look and feel of Mosaic has changed dramatically.

The 14-million dollar renovation plan will enhance the game-day experience, add thousands of temporary seats, create new revenue opportunities, and leave a legacy for amateur sport programs across the province.

Phase one will add approximately 7,000 temporary seats, as well as corporate boxes, to the north and south end zones; complete with their own concessions and washroom facilities – and creating a bowl-like atmosphere for fans.

The SaskTel Maxtron will be replaced by a new, 60-foot wide, fully digital LED screen and scoreboard in the Northeast endzone; accompanied by a vertical, digital billboard for use exclusively by our sponsors.

This state-of-the-art, new SaskTel Maxtron will be visible from most points in the stadium. But for those in the east stands and north endzone a 55 foot wide digital LED display and scoreboard attached to the West grandstand.

Additional LED ribbons will also be placed at field level on the East side and along the grandstand fascia of the west side, adding more areas to display statistics and player profiles.

Phase two of the Grey Cup Legacy Project will add another level of bleacher seats, and bring the stadium’s capacity to almost 50,000 in preparation for the Grey Cup game.

After Grey Cup, only the second tier of temporary seats will be removed, maintaining the bowl-like atmosphere for up to 33,000 Rider fans.

Fun Facts:
* The new SaskTel Maxtron in the Northeast Endzone will be an incredible 1,692 square feet (28x60). That's 262 times larger than your 46" flatscreen TV at home! The "old" Maxtron was 700 (20x35).
* The secondary video display board that will sit next to the new SaskTel Maxtron is 686 square feet (37x14).
* The second SaskTel Maxtron that will hang from the West Side grandstand is 1,090 square feet (20x54). That's 172 times larger than a 46" flatscreen.
*In total, there are 7 new digital displays (3 large video screens and 4 banner or “ribbon” boards) plus 2 score board/time clocks and 2 “twenty-second” clocks.  There are also 5 clocks in the Roughrider locker room, coaching rooms,
*In total, the three (3) large Video screens utilize 2,424,576 individuals LED lights!
*It would take 393,984 nickels (the size of each pixel) to cover the new field level SaskTel MaxTron screen.
*The new Grandstand SaskTel MaxTron (hanging from the West side roof structure) weighs 7,300kg. (16,103 lbs.) not including the steel frame, support structure or catwalk!
*The LED digits (time and score) on the new field level scoreboard are 1.22 meters (48”) tall.

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